Masse’s Floor Coating LLC is proud to offer our signature line of flooring solutions.

Mass-E-Poxy QuartzFlor and Mass-E-Poxy FlakeFlor are decorative surfaces that are seamless, waterproof and hard wearing. They can be applied to vertical surfaces to form a sanitary base. These low viscosity epoxy systems exhibit good physical strength properties and better chemical resistance than aliphatic amine cured systems. They can be applied over sound concrete, quarry tile, brick pavers, steel decks, or various types of wood sub-surfaces.

The epoxy resins utilize the Mass-E-Poxy QuartzFlor and Mass-E-Poxy FlakeFlor systems are of the highest quality available from Shell Chemical Company. (Reference applicable Shell technical data sheets for more information).

Mass-E-Poxy QuartzFlor and colors

Mass-E-Poxy FlakeFlor and colors