Masse’s, Inc. performance-proven flooring is designed to provide long-term durability and lasting value. Designed to meet our clients’ specifications, our low-maintenance floors can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Airplane Hanger/Storage Facility FlooringQuartzflor flooring on staircase
Animal Housing/Research Facility Flooring
Athletic/Tennis/Track Surfaces
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Facility Floors
Conductive/Static- Dissipative Floors
Electronic Equipment/ Static Control Floors
Exterior Decorative Surfaces
Food & Beverage Processing Plant Floors
General Use Floors
Kitchen/Food Service Facility Floors
Laboratory Floors
Loading/Shipping Dock Floors
Locker/Toilet/Shower Room Floors
Locker/Toilet/Shower Room Walls
Manufacturing/Plant Facility Floors
Marine Decks & Floors
Mechanical Equipment Room Floors
Membrane-Waterproof Floors
Municipal & Correctional Facility Floors
Patient Rooms & Surgical Suite Floors
Promenade Roof/Sun Decks
Shop Floors
Swimming Pool Decks
Underlayment Leveling & Preparation
Vehicle Facility Floors
Wastewater Treatment Plant Floors