About Us

Healthcare Facility Floorshealthcare facility floor installed by Masse's Inc.

Masse’s Floor Coatings LLC. has responded to the health and environmental regulations of healthcare facilities with floors and wall systems that are easy to clean, resist bacterial growth between cleanings, are stain resistant, slip resistant, impervious and provide long-term durability and value.

 industrial kitchen floor installed by Masse's Inc.Industrial Floors

Masse’s Floor Coatings LLC has developed solutions that not only satisfy the needs of the most demanding requirements set forth by architects, owners and contractors, but we strive to exceed their expectations. Masse’s Floor Coatings LLC has completed design / build floor and wall systems that withstand heavy equipment, harsh chemicals and fluids, are easy to clean and maintain, and perform a secondary containment of chemical spills.

Athletic Facility Floorsexercise floor installed by Masse's Inc.

Interior and exterior seamless athletic surfacing is a specialty in itself with strict durability, safety and aesthetic requirements. Masse’s Inc. is noted as Wisconsin and Upper Michigan’s exclusive contractor of Crossfield Products, Dex-O-Tex jointless flooring systems that are used in schools, hotels, health clubs, and even professional sports team training facilities. Our installations include running tracks, tennis courts, swimming pool decks and gymnasium flooring. Our athletic flooring systems emit no odor during installation, are designed to meet your specifications, ensure low maintenance costs and come in a wide range of colors.

zoo floor installed by Masse's Inc.Animal Facility Floors

Masse’s Floor Coatings LLC has been instrumental in the design and application of troweled floor and wall systems appropriate for animal housing and research facilities. Our seamless monolithic flooring systems are proven to reduce bacterial growth between cleanings, thus preventing infection and disease. These aesthetically pleasing floors can withstand years of abuse.

Marine floors on ship installed by Masse's Inc.Marine Decks

Masse’s Floor Coatings LLC installations of marine deck underlayment and deck surfacing are performance-proven jointless, slip-resistant, fire-retardant, and decorative. These floors are easy to clean, resist bacterial growth, are stain resistant, impervious to water and many chemicals, and provide long-term durability and value. These systems have been formulated with strict environmental and governmental requirements in mind.