Mass-E-Poxy QuartzFlor

Quartzflor image on staircaseMass-E-Poxy QuartzFlor is a decorative surface that is seamless, waterproof, hard wearing, and can be applied to vertical surfaces to form a sanitary base. This low viscosity epoxy system exhibits good physical strength properties and better chemical resistance than aliphatic amine cured systems. It can be applied over sound concrete, quarry tile, brick pavers, steel decks, or various types of wood sub-surfaces.

The epoxy resins utilize the Mass-E-Poxy QuartzFlor systems are of the highest quality available from Shell Chemical Company. (Reference applicable Shell technical data sheets for more information).

The rich color of the Mass-E-Poxy QuartzFlor is achieved by combining 3M Colorquartz aggregate granules in either a uniform solid color, or a multiple color combination. The 3M Colorquartz Aggregate Blend Selection Chart includes 18 standard color combinations. A custom color combination may be elected by utilizing any of 12 solid 3M Colorquartz aggregate colors.

The surface texture of the Mass-E-Poxy QuartzFlor can be made smooth or slip resistant. The slip resistance factor can be varied to meet the needs of the floor’s purpose. Therefore, the Mass-E-Poxy QuartzFlor system is ideal for areas such as:

  • Kitchen coolers, and food preparation areas
  • Shower, bathroom, and locker-rooms
  • Institutional floors and laboratories
  • Hallways and stairs
  • Break / lunch rooms
  • Pool decks, etc.

Mass-E-Poxy QuartzFlor system is designed for moderate to heavy traffic bearing areas. It is installed by trained, experienced applicators in serveral thin layers to an approximate thickness of 1/8″ for the moderate traffic areas, and 3/16″ for heavy traffic areas.

  • Excellent wear resistance and durability
  • Monolithic, including integral base (optional)
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Unaffected by water spillage
  • Produces a rapidly-installed, seamless floor at a modest cost
  • Decorative, uniform surface appearance
  • Low maintenance
  • Sanitary
  • No waxing or stripping